Monday, December 03, 2007

[...upon] Media Technology | Take 2

For their Mid-term exam students of Design were asked to create a video art that tackles one of these issues:
:: TV… the loved member of the family
:: Mobile phones… connecting/ disconnecting us
:: Virtual relationships
:: Arabic commercials… respecting/disrespecting our intelligence.
:: The others in media…

This course is not supposed to teach them about any software or hardware techniques of making video art. So external help could be sought and what was most important for me as their teacher is their conceptual approach to the issue they chose and the way they translated their ideas through video.

Here are some of my favorite samples...

Addicted to TV; The new loved member of the family| Dina Nagur

TV | Rajae Twal

Humanoid Box | Kamel Abu-Yihia

Pixels | Yasir Abu Thuriya

Legitimate TV, Fact or Fiction | Ala'a Taba'a

Sonnie | Dana Qabani

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Nour said...

very interesting job kids (hehehe)
i really like all of them and my fav is Dana's