Friday, November 25, 2011

The Most Memorable Movies' scenes.

And that's according to myself...

The Most Uplifting Scene:
The blind man scene from Amelie'

This scene shows how small details in life can make you feel happy. The music plays a major part in making this the happiest scene in movies...

The Most Romantic Scene:
The proposal scene from Forrest Gump

The way Forrest express his love to Jenny, with no pretentiousness... knowing she doesn't feel the same way... how he is heart broken and go to stand outside... is just so romantic for me...

The Most Heart-Breaking Scene:
Loosing Wilson from Cast Away

Needless to say that Tom Hanks is one of my top favorite actors of all times. In this scene he cries after loosing his imaginary friend embodied in the ball "Wilson".... This scene depicts the fragility of the human heart and how we always need to make emotional connections to survive even if with a ball... 
I cry every time I see this scene....

The Most Horrific Scene:
Accident scene from One Day

Though I read the Novel and I knew the ending... when I saw this I was horrified like never in my life... I think the scene is very graphical and very very disturbing.

The Most Terrifiying Scene:
The ending scene from The Blair Witch Project

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The whole movie is so scary simply because we don't know what we are scared of. The rawness of the fear of these boys is what makes you scared. And I remember when I saw the last scene I just wanted to cry out of fear... especially when we see that other guy standing facing the wall.... and till now I don't know why is it so scary. I just know it is the most terrifying scene ever!!!

What about you? What's your most memorable scenes?