Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a dream coming true...

[[my heart is longing to that place... the place I never went to... still I long for it... for the serenity that embraces it... where you can feel the presence of a place... somewhere where you undergo a journey to your inner childish innocence... where you remember the first unaltered truth that was lit inside your soul with your first breath... ya Allah.. do I long for Mekka and Madineh... I long to them...]]

I wrote this a couple of years ago... and tomorrow I'm on my journey towards them...
may Allah make it easy for me... and give me strength to fulfill all my obligations as He pleases...
may He grant this chance to every heart in need....

O God... You Are the Peace... from You come peace... blessed are You, O Possessor of majesty and honour.’

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quranica | The Glorious Recital

[Quranica is an emerging arts organisation promoting Qur'anic recitation as an art form among Muslims and non-Muslims in the UK and beyond.] quranica.com

Quranica organizes a series of Quran recitation shows named "The Glorious Recital". In these shows they bring out reciters from different places of the world with different techniques of reciting the Quran. Each of their shows has a theme, and then they carefully select the verses that will be recited to represent the theme.

Another amazing thing of the shows is that while the Quranic verses are recited, an English translation appears on a projection screen.

I had the privilege of attending two of "The Glorious Recital" shows in Edinburgh. And I was touched by the different voices I heard. My favorites were Sh. Abdurrahman Dimashqiah [see video below] and Yihya Hawa, our own Ammani ex-Kalouti Mosque Imam.

This August you can attend a new show in Edinburgh. The show is due to Saturday 18th August, 4pm-6pm at Edinburgh Central Mosque. The theme will be "The World Unseen". For more information you can visit Edinburgh Islam Festival.

:: The Glorious Recital [video]!
:: The Glorious Recital [done]!