Monday, April 23, 2007

some places... are unforgettable ...

To Norline

This beach will remain empty
For more slate-colored dawns
Of lines the surf continually
Erases with its sponge,
And someone else will come
From the still-sleeping house,
To memorize this passage
Of a salt-sipping torn,
Like when some line on a page
Is loved, and it’s hard to turn.
Derek Walcott

Sunday, April 22, 2007

arab guys... and love

I was once walking with a good friend of mine… and she was reflecting upon Arab guys and how they fall in love…
I thought she had a very interesting analogy…
She told me the next story…
[[a guy is walking and he sees a nice girl walking barefoot… he runs after her… walks with her and then tell her that he loves her… because she is different than the rest of the girls… she is bold for walking barefoot… and he loves her so much and wants to be with her for the rest of his life… and as she accepts him and let him be near her and walk with her… he begins to change… one day he comes and tells her that he loves the fact that she is different but that people keep looking at her because she is barefoot… and as time go by he starts pressurizing her… telling her to try and wear a shoe for a change… and so on and so forth… so either the girl would listen to him and change for him and be normal… or if the girl is strong enough and doesn’t change so her guy would leave her… ]]

I think this is really interesting… and though some people might say… not all Arab guys are like that… but let us face it… most of the times… what makes the guy attracted to the girl… ends up the reason why he leaves her afterwards…

Thursday, April 19, 2007

a thief in the night

       (yet somehow unexpected)
he arrived
       the guest...
the heart trembling
       "Who's there?"
       and soul responding
              "The Moon..."

       came into the house
       and we lunatics
ran into the street
       stared up
                     for the moon.

Then-inside the house-
       he cried out
"Here I am!"
       and we
beyond earshot
       running around
              calling him...
crying for him
       for the drunken nightingale
locked lamenting
       in our garden
while we
       mourning ring doves
              murmured "Where

As if at midnight
       the sleepers bolt upright
in their beds
       hearing a thief
break into the house
       in the darkness
they stumble about
       crying "Help!
              A thief! A thief!"
but the burglar himself
       mingles in the confusion
echoing their cries:
       "...a thief!"
              till one cry
melts with the others.

And He is with you*
       with you
in your search
       when you seek Him
look for Him
       in your looking
closer to you
       than yourself
              to yourself:
Why run outside?
       Melt like snow.
wash yourself
       with yourself:
urged by Love
       tongues sprout
from the soul
       like stamens
              from the lily...

But learn
       this custom
from the flower:
              your tongue.

*Qur'an 4:57
Diwan-e Shams, v.V.ED. FURUZANFAR, P., 2172
(translated by Peter Lamborn Wilson)
The Rumi Collection, edited by Kabir Helminski

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ronaldo... the Tele guy...

[In the kitchen, she was munching on her late lunch meal]
her brother: did you know what happened today?
she: No…
her brother: I was watching Tele and there was a bad singer on so when I changed the channel the image went off.
she: emmhh [still munching]
her brother: and then Ronaldo came and fixed the problem…
she: Ronaldo? Did he come all the way from Brazil?!
her brother: No… Only Issa is from Brazil… [laughing while running out from the kitchen]
she:…… [still munching]

Saturday, April 14, 2007

me driving =?

Today I took my written exam for getting a driving license… and yeah I passed…
It was such an agony to study the book and memorize a lot of the nonsense contained within… since I have reprogrammed my mind so that it refuses to memorize anything that [it] classify as [nonsense]… I had to skip a lot of pages without memorizing them… and don’t tell me that I had to understand before I memorize… because… some things are not to be understood but taken as they are…
Why would I have to know all the different tickets given by the officer?!!! When and if he gives me a ticket I can go and check with the book… no need to know the rules by the heart…. WASTE of good memory space…[much needed]
Ughh… lucky it is all behind me now…
Now… waiting for my practical exam in two weeks time… oh… buckle up Jordan… another moron is planning to hit your roads!! =)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

the two...

I promessi sposi

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sunday, April 01, 2007

amazing... xena...

sometimes... we need a boost of good energy... a friendly gesture... a loving hand... a reminder...
thanks Xena... for that and for many more....