Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pursuing and Pursued

[Out of the dreamless womb time creeps in the moment which is no beginning at the end which is no end. Time is the crack. Darkness upon darkness moving, awareness slides from being. Vibrations clap their wings and there is sound. An eye regards an eye and there is light.


The humming light is waxing, the mountainous black is waning, the screaming is swelling into a harmony, a dazzling circlet of visible sound.


Love and Death, pursuing and pursued.

The sounds diminish and in the empty pallid azure the golden quoits spins away. At last, it has become a spot of radiance, a stain of gold, a fading flash, a Lazar beam, a single blinding point of light which absorbs a light into itself. The colorless soundless silence vibrates and sways. ]

Iris Murdoch, Bruno's Dream

me in Camera Obscura, Edinburgh, April/2006

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Morning Rant | Students' store at JU

Today I went to buy a snack from the infamous student's store or as it is called "eljam3ieyh" to find it refurbished...
Excited? No!!!!
I was shocked with the new design... they have placed all the products behind glass walls deviding the space into sections and you go and ask the man behind the cashier to fetch you what you want!!!!
What is it with people these days? Why do you have to wrap and pack everything? Why are they dividing everything and systematizing things or actions that shouldn't be systematized?

Any normal person would like to walk closer to the products he/she wants to buy... inspecting the ingredients... reading the labels... and stroll while fetching what he/she wants...
But now... in the so-called-age-of-machine... you should separate yourself from the product... no senses used except seeing [from behind a screen]...

I got so frustrated and left without buying anything...

I don't like the new design...
I don't appreciate the mentalities taking decisions...
And yet another money is wasted into providing a solution for the wrong problem!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The play's the thing*

Do it once a year... once every two or even four years...
It will still be the same...

As long as the audience are stupid... the actors will continue to act and play poorly...

And for ever more... applause is the music.....

* Quote by Shakespeare

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I can't be two...

[[ 13th/February
Two things at once, thou know’st I cannot think,
When busy with the work thou givest me,
I cannot consciously think then of thee.
Then why, when next thou lookest o’er the brink
Of my horizon, should my spirit shrink,
Reproached and fearful, nor to greet thee run?
Can I be two when I am only one?

George MacDonald, "The Dairy of an Old Soul"

Sunday, October 07, 2007

[...upon] Media Technology | Take 1

I'm teaching a course in Media Technology to third year design students. The course should focus basically on how the new media has effected art and encouraged exploration and experimentation. Though the course is 3 credit hours of theoretical lectures I gave the students a chance to get their hands dirty with digital media. So I asked them to do 3 or more short videos shot using their small cameras, their mobile phone cameras or their web cam. they only worked on their projects for a couple of hours including editing time. The idea was to create something that could be seen like a fluxus art work and it should be experimenting with their bodies, the space they are in, and the media they are using.
The results were very interesting. A large number of students got the concept well and did some creative work.
So here are some samples... give me and them your feedback...