Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pursuing and Pursued

[Out of the dreamless womb time creeps in the moment which is no beginning at the end which is no end. Time is the crack. Darkness upon darkness moving, awareness slides from being. Vibrations clap their wings and there is sound. An eye regards an eye and there is light.


The humming light is waxing, the mountainous black is waning, the screaming is swelling into a harmony, a dazzling circlet of visible sound.


Love and Death, pursuing and pursued.

The sounds diminish and in the empty pallid azure the golden quoits spins away. At last, it has become a spot of radiance, a stain of gold, a fading flash, a Lazar beam, a single blinding point of light which absorbs a light into itself. The colorless soundless silence vibrates and sways. ]

Iris Murdoch, Bruno's Dream

me in Camera Obscura, Edinburgh, April/2006

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