Sunday, October 07, 2007

[...upon] Media Technology | Take 1

I'm teaching a course in Media Technology to third year design students. The course should focus basically on how the new media has effected art and encouraged exploration and experimentation. Though the course is 3 credit hours of theoretical lectures I gave the students a chance to get their hands dirty with digital media. So I asked them to do 3 or more short videos shot using their small cameras, their mobile phone cameras or their web cam. they only worked on their projects for a couple of hours including editing time. The idea was to create something that could be seen like a fluxus art work and it should be experimenting with their bodies, the space they are in, and the media they are using.
The results were very interesting. A large number of students got the concept well and did some creative work.
So here are some samples... give me and them your feedback...


mohammad said...

hey :)
i passed by your blog before, but didn't know that it's yours! fantastic experiments! loved those videos, great job :)

Daboub Art said...

very good Job!! liked the Unity one..keep going!!