Friday, December 14, 2007

Architectural Photography

I've been introduced to this term during a lecture I attended by Murat Germen; a Turkish Architect and Photographer.
The basic idea is being able to re-construct and re-interpret any architectural space using photography.
He argues that any building that gives you all the information you need in your face is not what we look/aim for. We like the sense of incompleteness in any building so that our imagination will be able to continue the narrative and create further experiences and stories. That's why most people find ruins fascinating. In the same sense that's why some people love construction sites. The concept of something being still under-construction gives you the chance to imagine new spaces and volumes that might end up there or not. And it can give you a mystical feeling of what lies in future hidden or not prevailed yet...[Finally a rational reason to why I'm a crane-maniac]...
Photography is the art of frozen time. It captures one frame and preserves it.
Experiencing architecture is different since it is an act happening in time. It uses all of our senses where the human and the space interact together on different levels. Thus experiencing a space still stands out differently than any experience created or simulated, even by virtual reality.
At the same time, understanding a space through different media can reveal new realities.
That's what I found most fascinating about Germen's work.
Aside from the normal tricks most professional photographers do of editing the photos and using wide lenses, panoramic lenses,... he plays more with his photos by reflecting, rotating, distorting the spaces he has captured and in that sense creating and constructing new visionary spaces.
We always debate about what is reality. And for me... there is always things happening beyond our restricted perceptional systems; so if we take a frozen moment of our time and then spend real time looking and perceiving it, then maybe new hidden realities will start to surface to our minds and imagination.
We can create a new experience in a space different than any other...

work by Murat Germen

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