Sunday, December 02, 2007

Embodying Virtual Architecture + ASCAAD 2007

I have attended the 3rd International Conference held by ASCAAD titled "Em'body'ing Virtual Architecture" in Alexandria.
The Conference had attracted architects and academics from all over the world. Engaging the audience with different themes related to urban city modeling, virtual prototyping, intelligent design, digital design tools, collaborative design, CAAD, GIS, BIM, HCI, methods of design, revolutionary architecture, virtual design and construction.
I have presented a paper about my graduation project "Nature rePlay" along with my good friend and colleague Mansie Verma.

The conference was well organized and I met a lot of interesting people from all over the world.
Being held at Bibliotheca Alexandrina added to the whole experience. Walking around such an amazing building and actually touching the layers of all the civilization that enriched the place was beyond words.

A lot is happening in the world dealing with the introduction of digital media into the elitist field of architecture. And though Architects in the Arab world are still behind, such exposure can enlighten their minds and trigger their attention. I was happy to have met some local architecture students attending the conference.

Exchanging expertise and information is one of the important factors to bring humanity all closer to one another. Creating a more stable universe through spaces and places to commune with themselves and their built environments.

a view from Bibliotheca Alexandrina

general view

Prof. Dirk Donath / Bauhaus University


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