Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Modern 7 Sins


These are the Seven Sins which we know... and which the Catholic Church recognized and are to be confessed if a man/woman seek forgiveness...

But... a new [modernized] seven sins have been announced by the Vatican which are of the greatest danger to human civilization in our times... the sins are:
:: Environmental pollution
:: Genetic manipulation
:: Accumulating excessive wealth
:: Inflicting poverty
:: Drug trafficking and consumption
:: Morally debatable experiments
:: Violation of fundamental rights of human nature

[[The new mortal sins were listed by Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti at the end of a week-long training seminar in Rome for priests, aimed at encouraging a revival of the practice of confession - or the Sacrament of Penance in Church jargon.]] link on BBC

We always complain about the state of the world now... But I really have to wonder what can be the driving force to change?
Is it really civil laws...?
Is it revival of religious laws?
Or is it more confessions of sins nevertheless committed.... ?

I think it is not none of the above....


Maverick said...

It means that even the Vatican can occasionally see the light and that times are changing.
We live in a society which has become too much individualistic, egoistic and proud to the point of being about to destroy ourselves. This is what these lines from Archibishop Girotti were aimend. The Vatican is just telling us what has been told by many other human rights groups, humanist citizens and scientists : we have to learn to live lives of generosity and we urgently need to find solutions to the major global problems before it is too late.
Yes, working on politics, plots and companies which generate poverty and misery are a mortal sin. It is about time that "all" religions state that loudly.
Time changes and we do not live anymore in Rome in year 1 or in Makkah six hundreds years after that...we live on planet Earth and is year 2008... it is good that somebody reminded us our major problems!

super.devoika said...

"it is good that somebody reminded us our major problems!"
But what comes next? confession? and then what? I would want much more than confession from all those who have ruined the earth....

ArabianMonkey said...

I would like less investors, workers and consumers in the business of fear, amnesia and anesthesia.

lepotica said...

I think it's not up to church, it's up to individuals, we can all do at least something small, just to carre a little more about enviroment, about other people, about moral...