Monday, March 03, 2008

A Manifesto...

1. All transgressions; in any format on people’s physical, mental and/or emotional properties.
2. All classification made on human blood, whether in color [white, yellow, black,…] or in class [first class, second class,…].
3. All silent people who are either too blind to see or to afraid to think.
4. All double standard measures, double faced nations and hypocrite people.
5. All those seated who care only about keeping their seats warmer by the day and can’t see beyond the tip of their noses.
6. All those who know only one or both of these things; how to nod their heads or how to clap their hands.
7. All magicians who cast phony crappy spills using number 99.999999
8. All narcotics, numbing drugs, so-called-spirits drinks that numb the mind, the heart and the body whether these substances are physically inhaled, injected or swallowed into the body or they are electronic images and sounds spoon fed to the brain.

1. All human blood is the same. All human souls are just as precious.
2. Killing children is one of the BIGGEST sins ever done. And those criminals should be punished.
3. Justice should stop being blind and biased.

1. Inhumane international silence.
2. Irrational anger.
3. Double standards.

1. For the murdered souls to be in God’s Merciful Hands.
2. For Those who lost their loved and dear ones that God will give them patience to endure the loss, wisdom to understand it and strength to stay alive.

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