Saturday, January 26, 2008

My favorite Arab-based websites

:: iToot: is a network of Arab blogs. It saves me the time of visiting all the blogs I check by listing their latest posts and giving you a glimpse of what to expect. The bloggers featured are Arabs from all over the world. Up till now they have around 150 blogs. You can submit your blog there to be reviewed and maybe added to the network.

:: Ikbis: is the place where you go to upload your photos and videos and share them with the rest of the world. You can search and explore the shots uploaded and link or embed them inside your blog or website. You can also contact people, make your own favorites selection and comment on others videos and photos. Visually I like the look of Ikbis. Any one can sign-up and have an account there. Me there.

:: Questler: is a network where you connect with other people on an intellectual level. After you sign up you can share your discoveries, ask questions and answer others questions. It is truly a website where minds connect. People with a wide range of interests discuss issues related to them and their lives. Me there.

Another two website which I liked the idea but I'm not a user there:

:: Yamli: It is where you can put your Arabizi into use and turned it into a real Arabic text so that you can search and use on-line. Here is how it works.

:: Watwet: a social network where you connect with your friends, make new friends, upload photos and put your mobile connectivity into use. Till now is only invitation based. And here is more about it.

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