Sunday, January 06, 2008

[upon art] Television Delivers People

No doubt the introduction of TV in the daily life of humans have been one of the major turning points of the 20th century... leading to the creation or glorification of "The Consumer Society".
Artists at that time were raging against this new media... in some way even frustrated by it... Richard Serra made this Video Art where he actually mocked the TV by using the TV as his medium. Using simply scrolling text expressing his own opinion of TV, corporations, NEWS, commercialization, consumerism... accompanied by Musac... a music you are likely to here in malls and elevators.
The title of his work "Television Delivers People" is in itself a strong statement that makes TV the active agent and People the passive... or the end product.
Quoting some of the text featured in:
"Mass media means that a medium can deliver masses of people"
"It is the consumer who is consumed"
"You are the product of t.v."
"Television defines the world so as not to threaten you"

"Television Delivers People"

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