Saturday, June 17, 2006

[kalam] objects | movements | beings

Currently am exploring a new medium… I’m studying more about sound… and as I was reading a basic article about sound! A very basic fact struck me! What is sound actually?
Sound is the vibration of the particles of air [or other mediums].
But what is vibration? It is a movement! So sound is actually a movement not a physical object or entity but a movement! Yet we deal with sound as a [thing] or what I’ll call a being!
Going back to earlier reflections I had about wind!
Again wind is nothing else but air movement! Yet we deal with wind as a thing! Or a being!
So if we to define or decide what is a being and what is not! We’ll have to go beyond what we were taught that a matter is some[thing] that takes a physical space, have a mass and can change from one state to another!
For instance air is a matter because it takes a physical space and can actually be changed into liquid or further more into a solid object! But if air starts to move we have a new being coming from it! Whether wind or sound! Both of which are basic components of our daily lives!
From this we can go beyond and think how useful wind and sound are. Or how many inventions, technologies and human civilization progress were/are based on the concept of [being]ize movement.
Now if we to look at a larger scale movement let us say pedestrian movements in a public space or people’s circulation in a building not as movement of beings but as a being in itself! How would this change the way we perceive space inhabitation as well as we conceive space!

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