Sunday, July 27, 2008

a memory of a body part

For their second project I asked my students of "Digital Art and Installation Art" to make a video art piece around the theme of "a memory of a body part"...
Here are their work...

Untitled by Dina Ridwan

Partially blind by Hanada Khataybeh

Disturbance by Aml Serhan

Layers by Laura Nofal

I can't listen by Dana Qabbani

:: Indispensable by Dina Khayyat

:: Blessings by Heba Abdallat

:: Eyes Language by Hiba Akkash


7aki Fadi said...

None of the work is showing.

super.devoika said...

it shows right on my side... can you check again and tell me if you still have the problem?