Thursday, April 17, 2008

[...upon 3D design] Structure and Skin

I gave my 3D design students a project titled [structure and skin]. They had to select a natural form and then abstract it into a structure and a skin. They had to play around with notions related to soft and hard, feminine and masculine, the essence of the natural form they chose... the forms they came up with are quite interesting and some of them had some good concepts... that went beyond the natural form into issues related to women in Arab culture, women vs. men, freedom, balance, mass production, instincts of survival and so on...
They had no functional restrains. the exercise was more related to sculpture than typical 3D design.
Here are their work....

A dinosaur | Rajae Twal

A tooth | Farah Abu Zannad

A nest | Tariq Abu Rahmeh

A beehive | Lama Hudhud

A black hole | Nirmeen Hanada

A penguin | Raed Mansoor

A cow | Abeer Bakrijian

A scorpion | Ala Hammad

A giraffe | Nadeem Thbian

A ladybug | Amr Othman

A snail | Juliet Khalil

A turtle | Farah Abadi

A sky | Hanada Khatyiebeh

An apple | Rasha Jaa'fri

A mole | Fatin Dbeit

An octopus | Mohammed Esbitani

A tree | Hiba Abdallat

A grasshopper | Adnan Bawzeer

A jellyfish | Aseel Hamza

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