Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Australia's new day

It was when I began reading "The New Rulers of the World" by John Pilger that I began to realize a new reality about the dream land of Austeralia... in the last chapter of the book titled "The Chosen Ones" Pilger unfolds realities and truths about his own hometown of Sidney and the other face of it's aboriginal habitants...
[[ "If there was a race between democratic nations to see who could best address the violation of the human rights [of its original people], Austeralia would be coming stone motherless last." Professor Colin Tatz, Genocide Studies Centre, Sydney]]
The New Rulers of the World, John Pilger

[[Some years ago, I met the Aboriginal leader Bob Riley, an unforgettable man with a broad, wry smile, thick black beard and horn-rimmed glasses. Eloquent and witty, he spoke hard truths with a gentle voice. Despairing of having to 'climb into the gutter with the politicians', he later took his own life, like so many of his people. We had talked about the constant celebration of Australian 'nationhood' in historical anniversaries, the republican campaign and great sporing events. 'But it's simple', he said. 'Unless you give us back our nationhood, you can never claim your own.']]
The New Rulers of the World, John Pilger

But today is a new day... for
Austeralia says sorry... at last... the Australian government made a formal apology for all the wrong deeds done against its own Aboriginal popluation....
And though some say this is not enough... I think at least it is a good start [[hopefully]]... and history must find a way to give people all their natural human rights...

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