Thursday, May 25, 2006

25th/May | Independence Day

So today is the independence day of Jordan… it has been 60 years now masha Allah… May Allah protect the land of Jordan and its good people… and May Allah give them His mercy and blessings… so Jordan here you go…
أردن أرض العزم أغنية الظبا
نبت السيوف و حد سيفك ما نبا
في حجم بعض الورد إلا أنه
لك شوكة أهدت إلى الشرق الصبا

Also today is the 6th anniversary of the liberation of south of Lebanon where they kicked all the Israeli army out of the south and after long struggle Lebanon went back to its people… and I remember when they showed their festivals on TV they used to put this song a lot… so Lebanon here you go too…
لازم تعرف يا محتل
احنا مين و انت مين
احنا هيهات من الذل
و انت للذل عنواين

And in my own small bubble… this day carries two events… in 1998 I got my scholarship to study in one of the prestigious high schools in Jordan… and in 2005 I got my first letter of acceptance to study abroad… it was in London which I didn’t actually go to… but for me 25th/ May has a lot of positive links…

Alhamdullilah rab ala’ameen… who bestow His mercy upon us each day… praise be to Allah for all the blessings that He continually bestow on us…

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