Sunday, January 29, 2006

I've been tagged

So I’ve been tagged by Roba….
So here it goes…
Five Facts about me
1. I’m obsessed [sometimes over-obsessed] with Islamic culture.
2. I don’t belong to any country.
3. I see the world through very poetical sentimental [movies-like] glasses.
4. I still can’t make myself wake up early in the morning.
5. I 'm still addicted to reading the old good classical novels.

Three things I like about others
1. Open-mindness and good intellect.
2. Pure honesty and affection.
3. Having a purpose in life and a sense of direction.

Three things I hate about others
1. Dealing with prejudices and preconceived ideas.
2. Playing the role of the sole knower.
3. Obsession with nationalism.

1. Sha3tely
2. Rolled up trousers

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