Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fear and Advertising

Fear and Desire are the two essential incentives to make a person do or not do anything! Through playing around these two emotions you can sell whatever you want, whether it is a product, a behavior or a belief.
Of course in the entertainment business it is much more enjoyable to use the desire feeling. That's why when fear is used you tend to get goosebumps at least.
Fear is a very strong emotion and when deployed right it can create a big incentive. But, fear of what?

Fear about health is probably the most important one. Humans tend to get very cautious when it comes to their health or their lives for that matter.
One really good example is this Australian anti-tan campaign which made me write this post to begin with.

Fear about your life or other people's lives is another one. And there is no better example that the whole Think! UK driving campaign. The Ads are very real and believable. You instantly put yourself in the people's shoes and you just think how can you avoid that in reality. Here is one of my favorite...

Another type of fear which works better if you are religious that is fear of God and of the End. Best example is MBC "Aqim Salatak" pro-praying campaign. The first ad was so intense they had to pull it off air quickly. The campaign started with [Pray before you die] slogan which later on changed to [Pray to have a better life]. So fear was substituted with desire.
This is an ad with fear...

And that's another ad with desire...

So what do you think? Is using fear in advertising a good call? or should we stick with desire and keep people happy in their little worlds?

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