Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Memory of Walls!

May all the Walls of Injustice... be torn down... for Human Liberation and Equality!

Images of the Apartheid Wall built across Palestine by the Israeli Government.

**All Photos are courtesy of Stop The Wall

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dash said...

i cant really see the pics. am not sure if it is my internet connection or the browser i am using but i can get a clear idea of what are you talking about..
i was reading a very interesting book called War City edited by Peter Lang . mostely it talks about cities that were sophisticated and died because of the walls. by creating certain enclaves each having its own rules and standards will lead eventually to creating a reflex that tends to create rebellious chaos on the edges of these enclaves and thus killing the urban space and eventually the urban life of any city .
looking at the subject from a theoretical view rather than emotions ( though it is inhuman) but this is exactly what is happening in Palestine.