Monday, October 26, 2009

Through my sister's eyes!

These are photos taken by my lovely sister Aicha while strolling around her new territory as a freshman at JU.... The naming is hers too...
Brilliant Aichoka... =)

Through It All

Fun Under The Sun

Down To Earth


A Day's Shot

My favorite one is the cat under the sun... what about you?


Omar Samawi said...

I like the one with the fence

technique=wise and concept

Omar Samawi said...
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aichabaz_91 said...

my favorite one is the tree cuz i really saw something in the picture that i didnt see while i was looking at the tree my self .
i apreciate the cat but it was more of a god-send ... anyway
thanks alot for posting my pictures sis

Sophie said...

Hey I likem all sis :P
Im an artist too..check out my kinda art at
yo don fo get to leave yo comments..iight

super.devoika said...

Shu Sophie... free ads!! hahaha

aichabaz_91 said...

i would just like to point out that this blog is graffiti-adds free ... as only pure art is allowed

Sophie said...

aww Aicha ...have murcy will ya??
BIG bully 7atta online?!