Tuesday, February 24, 2009

28 not-so-ordinary things about me!

.:. I was born on Friday the 13th
.:. I cried my lungs out in Jerusalem
.:. I ate pork when I was two years old!
.:. My first imaginary friends were actually a bunch of colored dots that I'd seen when I close my eyes…
.:. I ran out of house
.:. I got kicked by a horse… the worst of it… I got caught between the horse and a brick wall
.:. I almost drowned in a half meter deep creek
.:. I fainted once and still re-collect the other world very clearly
.:. I got two scholarships one for my high school and one for my post grad study
.:. I had my face printed in a large scale and hung on a façade of a building
.:. I ran for my life and had to jump from a 2 meter height
.:. I inhaled tear gas
.:. I got stung by a bee while running an important errand with a stranger
.:. I had lived for a whole month in a house with a graveyard view from my bedroom and a cargo train rails view from my kitchen… the other 10 months I had a flat mate
.:. An angry dog trapped me in a corner once
.:. I was a penniless for a short time… and for a couple of days… I ate free food from the local mosque kitchen
.:. I worked as Radio DJ
.:. I had an alto phobia panic attack while attempting to climb up a mountain… and made quite a fool of myself…
.:. I drank Italian water with my Pakistani friend while sitting in a Scottish restaurant
.:. I was followed by paparazzi… Twice!!!
.:. A photo of my face was on BBC news website
.:. I got lost in the city
.:. I once stopped eating for 6 days… lived only on tea and water…
.:. I had racist comments thrown at me
.:. I have been semi-vegetarian for the last 5 years… one year I was more restrict than the rest…
.:. I traveled between countries by plane, ship, bus and train
.:. I saw the Ka'aba in reality
.:. I had laughed sincerely at myself with 20 strange people


Anonymous said...

i think your being too cocky about your self and too show off , i mean most people do stuff like that in the arab world without saying it in a way that screams look at me , notice me , sorry if im coming on just a little bit too harsh on you rusaila , but i honestly expect more from your blog

super.devoika said...

Excuse me, but how do you know me? I mean my name? and why do you sign Anonymous? I might understand your point if you tell me who you are!!!

I'm not showing of... and sometimes in my blog I write personal entries... that's one of them..

I'm sure there are much more interesting people than me... but... this blog is mine... and I can write about anything I want...