Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jordan University Farwell | Take 4

* This post is based on my own personal experience... Don't ask me for proofs or names!
* For more positive outlook on JU check my take 1, 2 and 3...

This time I'm going to talk about the downsides of Jordan University... which are more than I can permit myself to recall...

:: No one does their job and yet they expect you to do yours perfectly... beware saying that to them... they will be very ofended...

:: When they give you money they make you feel as if they are giving you Charity... well... HELLO! You HAVE to pay me...

:: They assume that if you are a single woman then probably you'll be spending your money on useless things... so don't complain if they are late or don't give you your money at all..

:: People give you only half of the information... no one actually takes the trouble of explaining to you the options or the full story...
One example when they gave me a scholarship... part of the money was an X amount for health insurance and if you didn't use it you have to give it back... so... I saved the X amount until I returned to discover that they want a Y amount which is more and though it said something different on the contract they made me pay because they claim to have given me the Y amount... and I should've guessed by myself... and after many fights... I had to pay!
another recent example is when I left I had a problem with my legal serving time in exchange of the scholarship... so they told me that there were two options... one they said is too complicated and they didn't explain it to me and the other is a longer [and dumber] solution but will solve the conflict... so I went for the second one... only to discover later that by making me do that they have saved themselves from paying me my un-taken holidays... which would've gone to the amount of +700 JD...

:: Even if you are a teacher with no real office... you can't have the keys of the two rooms you give your lectures in... simply because the ******** who is responsible for these rooms don't like the fact that you are spending too much time with the students in these rooms aside from the lecture time!!! Even worse when taking it to the dept. chairperson he took the side of that person over you!

:: You have to be careful when using your computer to check your personal emails or anything... because an X person has not much work on his hands that he likes to dig behind you and hack your emails... Can I blame him... maybe I recieve more intersting emails than he does... The worst part is that he baosted to me that he can hack into my emails! SICK!!! PATHETIC!!! and yet he is the one who have the keys!!!

:: Who said that the interent is free for all? Darling... think again... even if the students pay for using the net... we should ban them... BAN... BAN... BANG!

:: The money is always misplaced... to solve a non exsiting problem... for glass box a shop in case someone snap a snack bar... for planting over a concret pavement just because some highly important person plans to visit... for putting useless CCTVs in a building where the worst a student can do is pick his nose or use the bathroom too often!!!

:: If you do your job very well... then it is much better if you leave!

:: To get a better position you have to have strong connections... of any sort... but nothing to do with your qualifications!

:: They treat you as a memeber of the teaching staff when it is in their best interest... but when you ask for one right of yours... like attending a world wide conference... you stop being a teacher... well excuse me... I don't usually come to University to drink coffee, smoke and have chats with people...

I think I better stop here... it is very sad for me to see what's happening at JU... I don't know whom should I blame... or how to expect a change... is it the problem of this instituation or the problem of the whole country?
I don't know... but I really hope that oneday... professionalism will prevail... and things will be better...


Anonymous said...

First, JU will continue & never change the amateurish, clumsy; solid management that is going through, unless restructured.

Anyway, as you deal more with any managerial correspondences with JU Administration for anything you'll find the meaning of chaos

I studied in JU for four years, and worked for it for two years. The last two were miserable!!!

JU is simplified with this "Lack of trained Management when it comes to Decision Making, also Double Standards"

The most complex managerial process is the financial ones, do you believe that I have resigned last year, and till today the (Mo3amala) is still running through JU Administration departments!!!!!
By the way, I feel disappointed

when I here people refuses the idea of privatization of JU (I don’t know if it's true?) and how they respond that it’s a selling of JU spirit …..etc, BUT when I remember the misery at JU Management; I strongly believe in the need of restructuring JU and other Universities as well.

Most of JU lovers see JU from their Undergraduate prospective, Rosy life, girls, Espresso Machine, (Student life), But the truth is that JU Sugar coated.

You have summarized it in your blog by
"If you do your job very well... then it is much better if you leave!"

Unfortunately; the is the HEAL. And this made the expertise to leave JU and other governmental universities for fewer headaches, catalyst environments.

Anyway, I wish you luck in your career, & thanx for the blog.


super.devoika said...

Thanks for your comment... and keep coming to the blog...