Wednesday, May 14, 2008

George Galloway in Amman

Yesterday I went to a talk given by George Galloway organized by the Union of Professional Associations in Amman.
The talk is part of a series of events held over the week to commemorate the 60th anniversary of The Catastrophe "Al-Nakbeh".
Mr. Galloway has a vast popularity amongst Arabs and Muslims for his speeches and stands with their cause. He seems to say what they all know but know as well that no one dares to say.
His talk yesterday was good and he said some things that made me think that maybe after all... justice should prevail... that even if the so-called-leaders-of-the-free-world are celebrating our catastrophe... that even if and I quote Mr. Galloway [ victims of terrorism is called terrorists and terrorists are called victim of terrorism] ... that there are people who refused to allow sand be thrown in their eyes... people who know... and believe and support the Palestinians who were and still are terrorized in their own lands and everywhere else...
He said... that 60 years ago Palestinians had a choice to either go in museums of history along side Red Indians as ex-nations of the world or to stand and fight for their freedom... and Palestinians have made their brave choice and still makes it... even 60 years after...

:: Click to see the videos...
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