Wednesday, November 07, 2007

2D design | greek gods

Yesterday I gave my 2nd year design students a studio exercise as part of a course titled "2D design".
The main goal of this exercise was for them to start fooling around with their cameras and put their photographic skills into action. At the same time trying to visualize certain words and the meaning behind.
So I thought of asking them to create an image; using Photoshop as an editing tool of the photos that they took on the spot of themselves or of their colleagues. The image should represent a Greek god where each student was assigned one god. Since the students are not very well acquainted with the Greek mythology; they only relied on the one line of information I gave to them. And they couldn't use any ready image from the Internet or any other source.
In two hours I think they did a good job... here are some samples...

Tariq Abu-Rahma| Aremis; goddess of the moon, hunting and archery

Adnan BaWazeer| Athens; goddess of wisdom, crafts, strategic warfare

Luma Hudhud| Demeter; goddess of agriculture, grain, harvest and earth.

Hanada Khatybeh| Hades; lord of the Underworld and god of the riches found within the earth

Nirmeen Fadel| Hermes; god of travel, thieves, and commerce

Juliet Khalil|Hephaestus; god of fire and the forge

Amr Othman| Poseidon, god of the sea, horses and earthquakes

Raed Mansoor| Ares; god of savage war, vengeance, anger

Rajae Twal| Zeus; King of the gods, god of thunder and lightning

Hiba Abdallat| Hera; goddess of marriage, family, motherhood and queen of the gods

Rasha Ja'afri| Ares; god of savage war, vengeance, anger

Asil Hamzah | Aphrodite; goddess of lust and beauty


Sandra (specsan) said...

u got a bunch of good students

36o0o0oR (^_^) said...

شو هاي هلوسه؟؟؟

super.devoika said...

36o0o0oR (^_^), I don't understand what you mean....

tareq said...

Goddess of the moon? more like Goddess of the fiery satellites.

Can you please specifically remove this work of mine.. I'm incredibly resenting it. Thanks :)


super.devoika said...

Tareq.... you did well... some people liked it... are you sure you want it remove?