Wednesday, August 30, 2006

nature rePlay

[[nature rePlay is a sonic-visual installation controlled by an arrangement of number of pendulums. Upon interaction with these pendulums, sound and corresponding visuals are created, allowing multiple users to engage, play and contribute at the same time.

nature rePlay takes off from the idea of human connectedness, of which a playground has always been a lively and networked model, in the built environment. Just as in a playground there are various medium of play such as swings, see-saws, slides, merry-go-rounds etc., this immersive play-space will be about people-centric play with pendulums as the prop and medium. The interaction design will take advantage of the mobile physical qualities of a pendulum, and the human input required to bring these movements and interventions. The harmonic motion and collisions of each pendulum will be used to generate a layered sound field and corresponding geometrical transformations of a leaf.]]

:: this is my graduation project for obtaining my MSc in Design and Digital Media | Univeristy of Edinburgh.... my Project Partner is Mansie Verma
:: know more about nature rePlay


specsan said...

I skimmed ur report. I saw your cover design. And you accuse me of being a less-is-more-person. Look at ur cover. Again. [Didn't you notice that you developed minimal tendencies throught this year?]

indaloo said...

Rusaila, this looks great on your blog. I wonder if I should start one of these things too..btw, who's posted the earlier comment?
I think we are all striving to be minimalists at heart, if we see minimalism as a way of perception put into actions. There is a story in Japan-'When a Japanese couple have an argument, they do not use words. Instead, the simple gesture of breaking the stem of a lone flower in a vase is enough to convey feelings of anger to the spouse.'
Anyway, I wish you all the best, keep smiling!