Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Journey to the Great Mosaic

On Friday 24th I had spent a joyful evening organized by ambitious great ladies and girls whom they gathered as part of Ulfah arts.
The concert included nasheeds, poems and stories! A soul- touching evening! It was a women only night! And it was really intimate and close to the heart!
Ulfah arts are innovative, honest, new and diverse! Not only have they done music but visual arts as well. Their massege is "Univesal Love for all Humans".
In the concert they had some guests like Edinburgh Interfaith Choir who preformed twice and in one time they made the audience take a part as well! Jeanni Cranfield led us and told us exactly what to sing and in what tune and for how long! This was a very nice experience!
Among the guests as well Hanifa Haadiya who recited some of her poems! Her words are captivating and spiritual!
This is surely a night to remember…
Alhamdullilah who gathered us on the word of tawheed! May He protect us, guide us and show us the right way!


This event is part of the Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace festival which is taking part in Edinburgh 8th-Feb/ 12th-March 2006

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Fatima said...

Sounds like the event was amaizing. I just stumbled across your blog... keep it up!